Astrology Services

While if you catch me in person I am able to give a quick reading off the cuff, this page is dedicated to the Astrology services I offer in a more in depth capacity.

Like the moon, each of the planets represent archetypical energies that have an influence in our lives. Depending in which of the 12 Houses they are in, these energies are part of the shape of the filter of consciousness through which we see the world and live in as well as influence cycles of our lives and aspects of our personality and self. Astrology is a language that helps us learn about our selves.

While there are many aspects about astrology that can take a lifetime to learn, there are aspects you could begin to learn about yourself in a short while with a bit of direction. I provide an index of links to websites I’ve come to find are thorough and well done, whose descriptions are like the chapters to the book of you. While these could appear to be substantial and you will most likely take some time to read it, you will find that it may become a reference you will go to again and again when you begin to identify these patterns in your life, learning from it each time you read from it.


This is your full natal chart review. I provide you with an index of links that is equivalent to the table of contents to the book of you. This table of contents consists of the main planetary, house and sign positions, including your ascendant and lunar vedic castle. The links provided are to pages on websites I have found to be the best descriptive sites after several years of research. $88


This option is equivalent to the book of both of you. Each time we are with anybody, the planetary positions for each person come together like chords on a piano and produce a harmony all unto itself. These become a unique expression that should very well be consulted before you embark on deeper levels of any relationship. $88



While the natal chart offers what you work throughout your lifetime, each year we also have a unique set of planetary positions that we are working. This service is similar to the full chart, but more specific to the year. $88


This option gives you a full chart description for each person as well as the relationship composite. It gives you the most in depth analysis to you both as individuals as well as your combined expressions. $144

What I send you should look similar to these items below.

Psalm 33:6

By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host.

1 Corinthians 15:41

There is one glory of the sun, one glory of the moon and one glory of the stars. For one star differeth from the other in glory.

Psalm 8:3

When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained.