Read your food labels

There is much biased driven disinformation for consumers that we must learn to pay attention to when coming o learn many truths about GMO’s. Corporate interests invest over $30 million on misinformation that lead to corporate profit, despite knowing that these foods have been linked to severe health risks, yet despite this, government interests pass the monsanto act, which not only puts Americans at major risk to their health, but places monsanto on the verge of dominating the Amercican food market, which will have a severe impact on the overall health status of the nation, pushing the unaware consumer pharmaceuticals in a toxic downward cycle of disguised false solutions provided by corporate interest.

Educating yourself about the ingredients in your foods will help you understand that there has never been a more dire moment in history to avoid certain foods, water and other products used in or on the body. This is for health as well as the survival of humanity. If each time we vote on a candidate or a bill we make a difference, well, then so do we by voting with our dollars. We reap the rewards of good health and a vibrant spirit.