A Healthy Cleanse – Baking Soda – Sodium Bicarbonate +

One of the most inexpensive and proper alternatives to several commercial products is Sodium Bicarbonate. This simple product has been known to have benefits since Egyptian times when they used it as a soap, using its raw form, nahcolite, a part of the natural mineral natron. It’s purposes can vary from helping you clean your house to cleaning you, (stomach, teeth, face, body, etc.) While much of the lifestyle we are accustomed to, including factors like stress, alcohol, hidden pesticides and toxins, can have acidifying, calcifying or other noxious effects on your body and mental state, baking soda morning cycles have been known to help “clean” and alkalinize your ph. A small box cost anywhere between $1-2 and is perhaps the most multifaceted product I use at home. While many products on the market use terms like “fragrance” to mask chemically altering substances in their products, baking soda remains a solution for purists who would rather use toxic free products to help the body maintain a healthier state by avoiding those noxious chemicals. Also, when you combine baking soda with white vinegar, another toxic free natural substance, you have one of the most effective cleaners for your house, comparable to some of the top 6 commercial cleaners. With studies showing vinegars ability to kill tuberculosis effective, you can be sure this combination will both have the disinfecting ability and the grit to get to the most important items to clean.

Some benefits of baking soda are:

Natural Teeth Whitener

Natural Alkalinizer

Natural Detoxifyer

Natural (toxic chemical-free) Cleaner

Face Cleaner

Burn Reliever


Add vinegar to:

Clean your bathroom, kitchen sink or toilet