Shift your energy with a mandala visualization

A great way to help stimulate a mental shift is visualization with a mandala, which you feel an attraction to. If geometry is a basis for this mandala, it is certain to help you gain a new understanding as our consciousness is somehow altered for the time that it does. As our mind begins to access different combinations of points on various geometric planes, stimulating neuroplasticity, the perfect setting for breakthroughs sets in as our energetic bio-magnetic field shifts.

Beee Art provides mandalas for visualization that can stimulate a conscious mental and energetical shift that can be transcending to experience. Energy Art for space and Yoga for the Mind!

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Read your food labels

There is much biased driven disinformation for consumers that we must learn to pay attention to when coming o learn many truths about GMO’s. Corporate interests invest over $30 million on misinformation that lead to corporate profit, despite knowing that these foods have been linked to severe health risks, yet despite this, government interests pass the monsanto act, which not only puts Americans at major risk to their health, but places monsanto on the verge of dominating the Amercican food market, which will have a severe impact on the overall health status of the nation, pushing the unaware consumer pharmaceuticals in a toxic downward cycle of disguised false solutions provided by corporate interest.

Educating yourself about the ingredients in your foods will help you understand that there has never been a more dire moment in history to avoid certain foods, water and other products used in or on the body. This is for health as well as the survival of humanity. If each time we vote on a candidate or a bill we make a difference, well, then so do we by voting with our dollars. We reap the rewards of good health and a vibrant spirit.

A Healthy Cleanse – Baking Soda – Sodium Bicarbonate +

One of the most inexpensive and proper alternatives to several commercial products is Sodium Bicarbonate. This simple product has been known to have benefits since Egyptian times when they used it as a soap, using its raw form, nahcolite, a part of the natural mineral natron. It’s purposes can vary from helping you clean your house to cleaning you, (stomach, teeth, face, body, etc.) While much of the lifestyle we are accustomed to, including factors like stress, alcohol, hidden pesticides and toxins, can have acidifying, calcifying or other noxious effects on your body and mental state, baking soda morning cycles have been known to help “clean” and alkalinize your ph. A small box cost anywhere between $1-2 and is perhaps the most multifaceted product I use at home. While many products on the market use terms like “fragrance” to mask chemically altering substances in their products, baking soda remains a solution for purists who would rather use toxic free products to help the body maintain a healthier state by avoiding those noxious chemicals. Also, when you combine baking soda with white vinegar, another toxic free natural substance, you have one of the most effective cleaners for your house, comparable to some of the top 6 commercial cleaners. With studies showing vinegars ability to kill tuberculosis effective, you can be sure this combination will both have the disinfecting ability and the grit to get to the most important items to clean.

Some benefits of baking soda are:

Natural Teeth Whitener

Natural Alkalinizer

Natural Detoxifyer

Natural (toxic chemical-free) Cleaner

Face Cleaner

Burn Reliever


Add vinegar to:

Clean your bathroom, kitchen sink or toilet

Mandalas to Connect

Mandals have the capacity to reach our mind like few things can. Color and geometry combinations emit different resonances that can connect with the right regions of our brain and can be a catalyst to elicit healing states, downloads, awakenings and much more. One of the easiest ways to move energy these latest mandalas on the gallery have been made with the specific intention to move unwanted energetic states toward healing states of mind and matter. You can see more mandalas on the Beee Art gallery!


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